Best Acting Institute in Mumbai
Best Acting Institute in Mumbai
Best Acting Institute in Mumbai


Daisy Irani Acting School/Institute which One of the oldest and top Acting Institute In Mumbai has been renamed as Actor’s Art – Film & TV Acting Institute. The students who have passed out from Daisy Irani Acting School are Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Mahima Chaudhary, Sushmita Sen and many more. We are into actor academy since many years.
Actor’s Art – Film & TV Acting Institute is committed to carry forward the rich legacy of Daisy Irani Acting School. Its proof is our esteemed alumni Upen Patel, Esha Gupta, Lisa Ray, Shenaz Treasury, Simran Kaur Mundi, Soniya Mehra, Gurpreet Singh, Yashwant Singh, Rajbeer Singh, Karan Suchak, Swapnapati and many more shining like stars in the sky of Bollywood and many upcoming students are on their way to reach the shining destination. So all the aspiring actors and actresses, who dream Bollywood dreams and want to become star one day, are welcome at Actor’s Art – Film & TV Acting Institute Mumbai …We make Actors.
Actor’s Art Means Entry Into Bollywood With Best Acting School in Mumbai.



Body language expresses the inner feelings. Feelings, without proper expression looks empty and dead. Body language plays a pivotal role in making a performance complete.
Body Gestures, Movements, Expressions and Physical Mannerisms.


Voice is an important element of an actor’s personality. An actor is judged by his voice. In Actor’s Art, the best methodologies are used during voice modulation sessions to refine this aspect for various characters.
Voice Range, Pitch, Sound, Clarity, Melody, Intonation and Musical Sense.


An actor should live his dialogues, feel them and allow them to touch the deepness in heart as–if every word in is his own.
Hindi-Urdu Pronunciation, Diction, Vocabulary and Tongue Positioning with Best Acting School In India.


Best Acting Institute in Mumbai

Acting is the illusion of reality. Actor’s should really feel what he portray and actor’s feelings must be relevant and parallel to the character.
Method Acting, Theatre Acting, Camera Acting and Modelling with Best Acting School In India.


Acting Need Not Be In Your Blood. It Can Be Learned.
All It Requires Is Passion, Intense Preparation and Individual Guidance.

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Why Us?

(1) Vast Experience in Industry
Vast Experience in Industry
(2) Excellent Track Record
Excellent Track Record
(3) Highest Placement Assistance
Highest Placement Assistance
(4) State of Art Acting Training
State Of Art Acting Training
Best Acting Institute in Mumbai
Unique and Modern Syllabus
(6) Students Individual Guidance
Students Individual Guidance
(7) Affordable Fees Packages
Affordable Fees Packages
(8) Provide Training Show-Reel
Provide Training Show-Reel

Do we have Acting School In Mumbai and or any other place?

We are Mumbai based Acting School so yes we are Acting School In Mumbai But our kids are coming from all over the globe. We have multiple kids from all over the world. In one batch we have maximum 20 students and there are 4 batches all day along.

Are we the Best Acting School in India?

We can proudly say that we are the best Acting School In India as we have more than 3000 students who are well settled in film industry and have more than 20 ongoing projects with our institute.

Achieving this was not easy, it took us 24 years in this filed and now we are here.

What Acting Course In Mumbai we provide?

There are many Acting Course In Mumbai that we provide. Starting from short term, long term, professional, modeling, professional acting, Drama institute. Choose any career in Acting and we are here with you.

Please feel free to ask for testimonials from us. We will be obliged to provide you through

Do we provide Acting classes in Mumbai free ?

For scholars and dedicated people or students we do provide Acting Classes In Mumbai free

Do we provide Acting Classes In kharghar?

Our location is in Mumbai Andheri which is not very far from Kharghar, you can come daily via Mumbai Local via Vadala. We will be able to visit for you to your doorstep at Kharghar if you have more than 3 students with us..

Do we provide Drama school Mumbai ?

Our School Started with Drama School Mumbai only, then we added some more services like Acting classes, acting institute and other things.

In Drama You will be learning Stage drama and dance. You might be able to get lucky to come on some big realities shows like Bigboss if you Join Our Drama School Mumbai

What are our Ranking in Market?

We have attain and secured top 10 Acting School In Mumbai tag and its just due to our past history and experience. Feel free to contact.

what anyone can expect from Acting Institute In Mumbai ?

We have 24 years of experience and so we actually know what you lack to be on film industry. Moreover, with our deep contact in this industry, we are confident that any student who joins our institute will be on top of his career sooner or later.

Are we the Acting College In Mumbai ?

We are not the Acting College In Mumbai, we are Acting Institute In Mumbai who can teach you practically all the know about of this acting career. Please feel free to fill inquiry form so we can help you with good counselling you or your kids..

Are we Film acting schools in Mumbai ?

We are Film Acting schools in Mumbai since 24 years. We have existing 3000 students database who are successful in life.

Do we have Employment acting Mumbai ?

We do not have Employment Acting Mumbai. However, We do support and guide how to get employment while learning Acting In Mumbai.

Film institute in Mumbai

We are premium Film institute in Mumbai where you will be able to learn with earning opportunities as Mumbai is the land of opportunities.

Do we provide Acting Classes In Santacruz ?

Santacruz is just nearby Andheri, you can come and visit us for more information