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acting institute in mumbai
acting institute in mumbai
acting institute in mumbai
acting institute in mumbai

Acting Syllabus

acting institute in mumbai


Body language expresses the inner feelings. As performance without any feelings is a dead performance. In a similar way feelings without proper expression looks soulless and empty. Body language plays a pivotal role in making a performance complete.
Work: Body Postures, Body Gestures, Body Movements, Facial Expressions, Physical Mannerisms.

acting institute in mumbai


Voice is an important element of an actor’s personality. An actor is judged by his/her voice. In Actor’s Art Acting Institute, the best methodologies are used during voice modulation sessions to refine this aspect. It allows an actor to align the rhythm and warmth in his/her voice as per the character.
Work: Low and High Pitches, Voice Melody, Voice Tone, Vocal Range, Control of Breath, Signing Sense.

acting institute in mumbai


An actor should live his/her dialogues, feel them and allow them to touch the deepness in heart–as if every word in it is his own. Then only it results in a nice dialogue delivery.
Work: Projection, Articulation, Punctuation, Phrasing, Vocal Texture, Tempo or Pace, Emphasis and Stress, Intentions and Emotions, Use of Pauses.

Pronunciation: Every word spoken with correct phonetics is of immense importance in dialogue delivery.
Hindi Pronunciation: Small-Large and Joint Vowels, Compound Consonants and Conjunctive Consonants, Nasal Consonants, Half Words.
Urdu Pronunciation: Hindustani Urdu Pronunciation and Urdu Words Vocabulary.

Diction: Diction includes style of speaking, clarity of speech, choice of words, accent, intonation and sound quality.
Work: Using Vowels, Consonants Placement, Tongue Positioning.


Personality development is the development of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours.
Work: Modelling, Bollywood Dance, Yoga and Meditation, Memory Skills.

acting institute in mumbai


Acting is the illusion of reality. Actor’s should really feel what he portray and actor’s feelings must be relevant and parallel to the character.

  • Method Acting: Improvisation, Concentration, Imagination, Characterisation, Rhythm & Tempo, Communication, Emotional Memory, Body-Mind Analysis, Psychology of Physical Behaviour.
  • Camera Acting: TECHNIQUES of CAMERA FACING– Close Up, Mid Shot, Profile Shot, Two Shot, Master Shot, Audition Techniques and Portfolio.
  • Theatre Acting: Basics of Theatre, Nine Emotions, Analysis of Play-Story and Script, Monologue, Mime, Speech and Drama, Gibberish and Acting Games.
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